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Shilajit Essential Extract

Restore youthful energy and incredible strength!

🔥 Amplifies Testosterone Levels & Supercharges Vitality

🔥 Harmonizes Hormonal Equilibrium in Women

🟠 Exhibits Potent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

🧠 Enhances Cognitive Performance and Brain Functionality

🛡️ Fortifies and Bolsters the Immune System



India's #1 Shilajit Featured On:

Shilajit Essential Extract's Brain and Body Rejuvenation






Confirmed Study

A randomized, double-blind, placebo study of 59 healthy individuals were each given Shilajit Essential Extract for full 12 months

Positive Outcome

Enhanced Cognitive Focus and Memory Retention

Accelerated Cerebral Processing Speed

Maximizes Testosterone Levels & Ignites Dynamic Vigor

Potent Anti-Inflammatory Properties

How To Use


Benefits of Shilajit Essential Extract

Boosts Mental Clarity and Brain Processing Capacity

Sharpens focus and bolsters memory, promoting cognitive health and aiding learning.

Augments Testosterone Levels & Sparks Vital Energy

Shilajit Essential Extract is an excellent workhorse for cellular function and health. It accomplishes this by working directly on the mitochondria by helping optimize and revitalize the cell itself.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities

Shilajit Essential Extract has potent anti-inflammatory properties, helping manage pain and reducing risk of health issues such as chronic inflammation. Packed with essential minerals and nutrients, Shilajit also strengthens the immune system, protecting you against common illnesses and infections.

Balances Hormonal Harmony in Women

Potentially ease symptoms related to hormonal imbalances such as PMS or menopause, improving in overall well-being and mood

The benefits are endless

Instead of spending a fortune on skin, hair and allergy products, All you need is a Shilajit Essential Extract!

A mere dosage of Shilajit Essential Extract can rejuvenate your entire being. Experience the epitome of Shilajit, sourced from the untouched, idyllic locations of the Himalayas, situated at a staggering elevation of 18,000 feet. It boasts the most robust, unadulterated formula for health, energy, and peak performance.

Ancient manuscripts hail this shilajit liquid as the "Conquerer of Mountains." In line with this potent name, should you wish to catapult your physical strength and endurance into uncharted territories, the Shilajit Essential Extract is an indomitable ally you simply cannot afford to overlook. This pure extract is a game-changer and a non-negotiable element for optimal wellness.



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Real People Real Results

Preeti S.

"I Highly Recommend This!"

"My son decided to try it at 6pm. Not a good idea. It gave him so much energy he couldn't sleep. I take it in the am and didn't have a problem. I did realize that I feel better when I take this. I'd say don't take more than recommended though unless you want to stay up for a long while lol"

Suman S.

"Love it so much, this is my third one!"

"I have been using shilajit for years now. This brand tastes the most pleasant that I have ever tried, has an amazing texture, and a very fast bioavailability, and can feel the potency of its mineral content. 10/10. Do not hesitate or fall victim to the over priced ones"


"Best shilajit I have ever purchased!"

"I received this and was skeptical, but after three days, I realized my focusing had improved an U had more energy."


More Happy Wellness Nest Customers



I received this and was skeptical, but after three days, I realized my focusing had improved an U had more energy.


Verified Buyer


Worth purchasing

I have used a powdered version from a different supplier.

The difference is as stark as night and day.

This Shilajit is the best product I have used. Very highly recommended!

Dia K.

Verified Buyer


Love this brand

I enjoy the taste but not going to lie, it tastes kind of weird. I’ve gotten compliments on how I look and lately I noticed I do look a little bit younger. Not sure if that’s a known effect. This product specifically, comes in a nice box and is easy to know how much you are taking because it comes with measuring dipping sticks. It wasn’t bad. I haven’t tried other Shilajiit but I think it does what it’s supposed to be doing and probably a better job than most other brands. Thanks for reading


Verified Buyer


Finally I Get My Quality Sleep

My first experience with a Shilajit product, it was from Russia. Very thick and tar like... With a unique type of tar taste. This product does not have those characteristics. I initially felt that this stuff was nothing mire than organic black molasses spiked with fulvic acid (it practically tastes like black molasses and smells of it. All that toy say, it still works and gets the job done. Not as thick as I am accustomed to, but works! 🤘🏾💪🏾

Lucky S.

Verified Buyer


Excellent product - highly recommended

This is a very high quality product - undeniably. The effects kick in by the very first dose and the gentle nudge of positive energy lasts all day. Apart from this I observed that by the 3rd dose/day I was sleeping much better and waking up refreshed(before the alarm). This is like the sleep quality we enjoyed as healthy teenagers.(I am 38)


Verified Buyer


Best shilajit available online.

Superior quality. Can vouch for this product any day. Really sad to see it out of stock these days. But the product is extremely good quality wise, worth the price. Must try


Verified Buyer


Pure Natural Shilajit

I recently tried Shilajit Resin with Fulvic Acid & Trace Minerals and I have to say, I am impressed. This original Siberian pure Shilajit supplement contains 85+ humic acid and is said to support metabolism and the immune system. I have been taking it for about a month now and I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels and overall well-being.

It is easy to use, simply add a small amount to your favorite beverage or mix it with a spoon. The taste is a bit earthy and strong but it is not unpleasant. I have been taking it in the morning with my coffee and it has not affected the taste of my drink at all.

One of the things I like most about this supplement is that it is pure and natural. It is sourced from the Himalayas and is not mixed with any chemicals or fillers. It is also vegan and gluten-free which is great for those with dietary restrictions.


Verified Buyer


I just ordered my second jar.

I didn't feel the "elation" feeling as described, but I did feel better and more clear-headed.

Sleep was much much better, as described. Usually I wake up at least once around 3am to pee, but it seems with Shilajit I was able to sleep through the night... and I noticed, in the morning when I did pee, it was much less than usual. I also take Cissus, and this has helped my sleep too.

I felt better in the afternoon around 3pm, and in the evening around dinner time, but it was usually after an additional dose. So I was taking about 3 doses a day to keep my energy up. And sometimes my doses were larger than recommend, so my first jar only lasted about 2 weeks. However, I hope the better I feel, and the cleaner I eat, the less shilajit I will need each day.

As described by others, I felt better after a work-out (weights or cardio). I take it immediately before my work-out, or sometimes immediately after.

Kavita M. 

Verified Buyer


Great stuff

This arrived much more quickly than I was expecting, since it came from the other side of the world. I was new to shilajit so I thought I could just put a rice size bit in my mouth and let it melt… mistake – follow instructions! Now I put a bit in a glass, add little boiling water and the same amount of almond milk… delicious! It gives me a nice calm energy (if that makes sense), I would highly recommend it. Excellent seller, product was exactly as described

Isha V.

Verified Buyer


The boost I needed!

This gives me the perfect amount of energy and it kicks in shortly after ingesting it! I am super sensitive to caffeine so I avoid that. I love the smokey flavor and mix it into my decar/herbal tea every morning! One of the best things I've tried in a long time and it is now one of my absolute musts for each day. I'm going to look into some of the other options for travel though! So excited I finally gave this a try!


Verified Buyer


Not All Shilajit Is The Same


By capitalizing on the raw strength of Mother Nature, our concoctions adhere to the most stringent of standards, each fortified by proven scientific studies.


We employ contemporary extraction methodologies, such as Supercritical CO2 extraction, to augment bioavailability and maximize concentration.


Our commitment to purity is unwavering; our formulations exclusively feature natural extracts. Absolutely no additives or fillers are introduced.


Every component of our products, including the capsules, adhere to a strictly plant-based composition.


In processing our organic raw herbs, handpicked from dense forests, we meticulously adhere to the age-old Ayurvedic practices as delineated in the revered Vedas.


Rigorous testing for purity and baseline levels ensures the safety of every batch. Our operations meet the strict quality controls.

Enhance Your Relationship and Lifestyle like Never Before with Wellness Nest Shilajit's Unique Benefits!




We are so sure that Wellness Nest - Shilajit Essentail Extract outperforms the competition that we remove all the risk so you can enjoy all the benefits.

Unlike most shilajit brands, we put our money where our mouth is. We are so confident that you'll love the results.

How can we offer you this reassurance when no other brand can? Simple. We have spent 100s of ₹100000s of rupees in 3rd party testing and re-testing to prove that our formula works with stellar results.

We do not cut corners with our formula. We do not hide our ingredients as a “proprietary blend.” We ensure each small batch of Wellness Nest is made with the highest standards in a GMP-certified facility with Medically Certified ingredients.

So if you don't love it, simply return it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Could Shilajit Essential Extract aid in weight loss?

Incorporating our Shilajit Essential Extract regularly into your regimen as a weight management supplement can assist in a multitude of ways. Even though it may seem like a contemporary trend, it has been an enduring weight loss solution since ancient times!

Is Shilajit Essential Extract edible? What's the flavor like?

Indeed! If you wish, you can consume Shilajit Essential Extract directly, but the majority of our customers enjoy it stirred into hot beverages like coffee, tea, or plain hot water! It bears an earthy and smoky flavor that our customers find appealing.

What's the potency level?

Our Shilajit Essential Extract undergoes third-party lab testing for purity and potency confirmation. With 58% fulvic acid concentration, we recommend consuming 1-2 pea-sized portions daily for optimal results.

Is Shilajit Essential Extract pure? To what degree?

Absolutely! Our Shilajit Essential Extract is unadulterated, 100% pure, and ethically procured. We have even had it third-party verified for utmost customer assurance.

Can women use Shilajit Essential Extract too?

Indeed, Shilajit Essential Extract isn't gender-specific – it's a supplement for all humans! Shilajit Essential Extract offers benefits including fertility enhancement, immune system support, digestive health, and much more. It's packed with over 84 essential minerals and vitamins.

Does Shilajit Essential Extract contribute to anti-aging?

Shilajit Essential Extract most certainly does! Shilajit Essential Extract acts as a potent antioxidant, with Fulvic acid being a crucial factor in combating aging. Fulvic acid excels in protecting against free radicals and cellular damage, hence slowing down the aging process.

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We are so sure that Wellness Nest - Shilajit Essentail Extract outperforms the competition that we remove all the risk so you can enjoy all the benefits.

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